Monday, July 2, 2012

Some 'Gets' From the past months...

So! I just wanted to share some stuff I've gotten the past few months. 

Alice Orchestra Pull-Over:
Bought in store at Tokyo Rebel
Photo From Tokyo Rebel

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
Usakumya Mini-mini:
Bought in Store at Tokyo Rebel

Photo From BtSSB/Tokyo Rebel

Isn't she cute? I named her Rosie!
She's sitting next to a picture of my first cat, Chloe, who I had when I was very little.

Lace Over Short Umbrella:
Bought in store at Tokyo Rebel
Picture from BtSSB

It looks small, but it's actually pretty big!
It also has the option to make the length go shorter, but I prefer to keep the neck (IDK what to call it ^^; longer.

Atelier Pierrot
Amundsen Princess Long Sleeve Blouse:
Bought online from Tokyo Rebel

Photo From Tokyo Rebel


Wow! Look at those sleeves!

Cute rose buttons!

Cute hair ribbons!

These were on sale for 40 cents! (Together!)

Mini-Lolita Dress

Found this at a thrift store! It's hanging on my closet curtains now~


I decorated these cute picture frames to display some of my post cards.

I'm currently in the middle of using a BtSSB shopping bag to decorate my clock!

Bonus! When I came back from taking pictures of Rosie and my parasol, my dog, Dale, was sitting at my computer!

Uh-oh! I caught him!
Also,  in the background you can see the best hand lotion (Goldbond Daily Moisturizing) ever,
and the best cream soda ever (Virgil's)


"I give up!"