Friday, September 23, 2011

Got my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream! (+ Reviews! BB and Spicy Goods)

Okaaay~ So I bought some BB Cream online, specifically, Misha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 and the Misha M BB Boomer (primer).
The shipping took... Week and a half? Two weeks...? Around that amount of time, I gave my dad the money for them, but he never told me exactly when he ordered them with his paypal, so it's in that time range.
Well, here's some photos :)

Packaging gets a ten! I mean, there was not one hole or crushed corner. Simply amazing~

What a cute note! It's very nice of them to have written it (I loled when I saw my dad's name) I really want to know how to get those little note papers now *.*

Tada! All packaged (And free samples!)

The packaging (Boomer)! I don't know if you can see, but it's wrapped in cute heart plastic <3 I want to resuse it somehow... Maybe I'll use it to wrap a bracelet I'm going to get for my friend (I'm also sewing her a cosplay, but shhh~ Birthday surprise!)

I love the packing for this one too! There's more samples behind it too! I'll show you what it says in the corner...

"To my lover" So cute!

Here are some samples I got that were packed individually... I wonder what it does x3 time to google...

I have no idea why, but blogger keeps rotating this x.x I saved it horizontal... Saved it horizontal again... And it's vertical. It's horizontally challenged. But! These are more samples I got!

The boxes! :D

The bottles!

I got them yesterday, but I didn't want to put it on when I'm not going out and waste it, so I used it today.
Oh. My. Gawsh.
This worked so much better than my daily makeup routine, I'm tempted to throw out my liquid foundation... Haha.
Here's the link to the shop I bought my stuff from: SpicyGoods
Can't wait to buy from there again! Hmm... What should I buy next though? Suggestions?

P.s. My Hat LP from Kawaii Goods is in the mail :D YAY!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Failure is Achieved :|

This I don't even.

I... I think I just screwed up...

; A ; I put too much batter in and forgot to put the liners on the pan!
Darn cupcakes... We'll find out how deformed you are in 20 minutes... 
Bad or good, my chorus class is still eating them. Or I'll find it in my heart to at least make one more new batch.

TL:DR: I'm leaving the baking to my sister from now on OTL

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sorry ^^; I can't do anything to my uniform stuff... My mom told me the school is really going to be strict this year.
I wish I had some stuff to post about... But other than school stuff, I've got nothing x3
(although I am planning on getting the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey contacts... And join the gym, but my mom's putting off the gym -.- and then when I talk to her about it, she's like "Go on a diet" little does she know I've been on a diet for a year and finally hit my plateau, so I have to throw exercise into the mix...
And I want to get a kawaii goods LP... I have a babysitting gig soon, so add the money I have now and that, I'll have $100, so I should be able to post more... Soon!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

So totally not loli related...

But this is still also a personal blog as well :D

It's Black Rock Rin! 

I have no idea if anyone did this yet, but it's all that was running through my mind x3
I was like SCREW THIS! I don't care what you're feeling Rin, or that you realized you're not dead, but I had to pause Ao no Exorcist to make this, because it's waaaaay too epic. 

Gettin' Ready for School!

Okay, so this Thursday school is starting~ I'm going to be entering the 10th grade this year, so that's exciting. 
The only thing is, I wear a uniform, since I go to a private catholic school. I've used one of my old school blouses to make a loli-blouse, but I now know why I wasn't using that blouse anymore .___. It doesn't fit... At all, the bust is way too small, so it presses into my back to the point where it leaves lines on my back after I wear it. SO! I'm not wearing that to school to pretty-up uniform. So, that means I have to make a new one :) I have a polo shirt that I can wear that I lolied up. But I want to put some really cute music note lace on one (or two!) of my long sleeve blouses for the winter. I'm going to try and put lace on the bottom of one of my skirts too... 
But I don't know of the dean is going like that x3 I've never gotten in trouble for any uniform or behavior problems at school, so he usually lets me get away with stuff. Like wearing socks that are sorta see through with opaque patterns, it's really funny, since at first he didn't know it was me, he just saw my stockings and he was like, "Hey! Those stockings aren't completely opaque--! Oh never mind, they're opaque." 
It's awesome, so remember~ Get good grades and be nice, and you can get away with more stuff~ Even my teachers don't call it out on me, since everyone else in the class are pure EVIL CHILDREN O_O except for a few other kids. You either have geniuses or little impish devil children who like to peek up all the girls' skirts or just cause plain trouble. My school. x3

Anyways! The reason for the post was because in a week or two I'll be posting a little tutorial or before and after picture of a blouse and maybe one of my skirts... My mom's a bit "meh" about the skirt idea.
But I think the white lace is going to look soooo cute, since the scheme of the uniform is navy, white and tan. If I find some cute navy lace I might dress up one of my sweaters too...
I might wait until I go into the city though, since I'll look for lace there, and if not I'm getting this lace I've been wanting FOREVER~
this one particularly. I love music and theatre and everything, so the second I saw this lace I wanted it so much! I've been in the chorus since elementary school, done all the musicals possible in highschool (plus some outside of school), and my chorus teacher said I'm practically already in the chamber choir! I've also been playing violin for 9years and then I've done piano for a few. I also took some voice lessons, but the teacher was so mean to me, because she said I was too cute and my fashion subculture is stupid because it's not like a star trek one, and that it must mean I only care about myself and that I'm a stuck up snob... She got all this from me saying, "I dress in an alternative fashion called Lolita and blahblahblah explanation, blah...." 
I love Star Trek ; A ; (the oldies, the new ones are stuuuupid, but I have friends who love it and are trying to make me watch it.)

Wow... I'm going to stop here before I tell you my life story... Ha... 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More on Tokyo Rebel Tea Party!

Haha, short post, but here's a pic of me and my friend from the Tokyo Rebel Tea Party:

I'm the blonde one! ... Bah... is 165cm tall? ; A ; Just wondering... That's the taller of the two measurements taken... When online it usually says I'm either 5'4.9", 5'4.6", or just straight up 5'5"
Is that tall by normal standards? Haha, just wondering.

Either way, I had sooooo much fun and thanks to this blog for letting me use the picture they took, since I have like, NONE. Bah.

Edit: More pictahsss!

This is me when I won my socks :D Yay~ I love socks, I was so happy when I won them.
Me and Claire getting our nom-noms 

 Group shot on the street!

Us waiting for Misako-chan on skype.

(the last 4 pictures are from the Tokyo Rebel website, I take no credit~)