Friday, November 4, 2011

:| Not pleased.

I have no idea where the world is going to, where commercials can say "bad@ss" or other words. I personally don't mind curse words in television, I'm actually quite annoyed when they bleep out "b*tch" in Criminal Minds, but commercials? They're everywhere, on a lot of channels. Not only that but it was a NUT commercial. Pistachios or something. Keep the curses to shows where there's a rating to warn parents/kids, not commercials where no one's expecting it. Sorry, that was a bit of a rant, but I just think of all the parents who'll be sitting down, watching a movie with their kids, it's halloween time and the parent's like "OKAY. Fine, one old scary movie." They're watching it, yeah, it's scary, but no curses. THEN BAM. COMMERCIAL. BAD @SS. CUE WEIRD SOUNDING BADGER. Parents are like: O: and the kids are like, "WHAT DOES BAD @SS MEAN!?" YEAH...
Anyways~ <3 I've been thinking a lot about gyaru lately~ I really want to try it. Mainly more of a casual hime style, or maybe I'll try what I call "Zhi-Zhi" style, , is her blog. I absolutely love her style~ But in her Q & A... She has no diet plan Q A Q She's just naturally skinny... She is so lucky. But, I'm still trying for my weight loss goal -determined face- since I'm very petite boned (for my height at least), the weight I'm at is healthy for the next 5'5" girl that comes along, but for me it's 'meh'. :| -upset- So basically 'healthy' for me, is 65cm or below for waist. And I have like asdfjkl; no hips, beside from that little remainder of blub that has been mocking me. I wish cardio was easier to do in the winter, but unfortunately, I have to look like a fool in the living room -derp-
But I haven't blogged in a long time o.O I need to do this more often... Maybe I'll post some pictures after I dye my hair <3 I'm really excited, I'm going for an auburn colour, since it's going to really make my green eyes (well, 75% green x3) POP. Y'know? Plus I always hated having 'blonde' hair... It's not really blonde... It's really awkward-sauce blonde. I have strands of light blonde, dark blonde, medium blonde, brown, and then in the light it gets this ginger tint in the winter. It's really awkward starfish.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Got my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream! (+ Reviews! BB and Spicy Goods)

Okaaay~ So I bought some BB Cream online, specifically, Misha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 and the Misha M BB Boomer (primer).
The shipping took... Week and a half? Two weeks...? Around that amount of time, I gave my dad the money for them, but he never told me exactly when he ordered them with his paypal, so it's in that time range.
Well, here's some photos :)

Packaging gets a ten! I mean, there was not one hole or crushed corner. Simply amazing~

What a cute note! It's very nice of them to have written it (I loled when I saw my dad's name) I really want to know how to get those little note papers now *.*

Tada! All packaged (And free samples!)

The packaging (Boomer)! I don't know if you can see, but it's wrapped in cute heart plastic <3 I want to resuse it somehow... Maybe I'll use it to wrap a bracelet I'm going to get for my friend (I'm also sewing her a cosplay, but shhh~ Birthday surprise!)

I love the packing for this one too! There's more samples behind it too! I'll show you what it says in the corner...

"To my lover" So cute!

Here are some samples I got that were packed individually... I wonder what it does x3 time to google...

I have no idea why, but blogger keeps rotating this x.x I saved it horizontal... Saved it horizontal again... And it's vertical. It's horizontally challenged. But! These are more samples I got!

The boxes! :D

The bottles!

I got them yesterday, but I didn't want to put it on when I'm not going out and waste it, so I used it today.
Oh. My. Gawsh.
This worked so much better than my daily makeup routine, I'm tempted to throw out my liquid foundation... Haha.
Here's the link to the shop I bought my stuff from: SpicyGoods
Can't wait to buy from there again! Hmm... What should I buy next though? Suggestions?

P.s. My Hat LP from Kawaii Goods is in the mail :D YAY!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Failure is Achieved :|

This I don't even.

I... I think I just screwed up...

; A ; I put too much batter in and forgot to put the liners on the pan!
Darn cupcakes... We'll find out how deformed you are in 20 minutes... 
Bad or good, my chorus class is still eating them. Or I'll find it in my heart to at least make one more new batch.

TL:DR: I'm leaving the baking to my sister from now on OTL

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Sorry ^^; I can't do anything to my uniform stuff... My mom told me the school is really going to be strict this year.
I wish I had some stuff to post about... But other than school stuff, I've got nothing x3
(although I am planning on getting the Princess Mimi Sesame Grey contacts... And join the gym, but my mom's putting off the gym -.- and then when I talk to her about it, she's like "Go on a diet" little does she know I've been on a diet for a year and finally hit my plateau, so I have to throw exercise into the mix...
And I want to get a kawaii goods LP... I have a babysitting gig soon, so add the money I have now and that, I'll have $100, so I should be able to post more... Soon!)

Monday, September 5, 2011

So totally not loli related...

But this is still also a personal blog as well :D

It's Black Rock Rin! 

I have no idea if anyone did this yet, but it's all that was running through my mind x3
I was like SCREW THIS! I don't care what you're feeling Rin, or that you realized you're not dead, but I had to pause Ao no Exorcist to make this, because it's waaaaay too epic. 

Gettin' Ready for School!

Okay, so this Thursday school is starting~ I'm going to be entering the 10th grade this year, so that's exciting. 
The only thing is, I wear a uniform, since I go to a private catholic school. I've used one of my old school blouses to make a loli-blouse, but I now know why I wasn't using that blouse anymore .___. It doesn't fit... At all, the bust is way too small, so it presses into my back to the point where it leaves lines on my back after I wear it. SO! I'm not wearing that to school to pretty-up uniform. So, that means I have to make a new one :) I have a polo shirt that I can wear that I lolied up. But I want to put some really cute music note lace on one (or two!) of my long sleeve blouses for the winter. I'm going to try and put lace on the bottom of one of my skirts too... 
But I don't know of the dean is going like that x3 I've never gotten in trouble for any uniform or behavior problems at school, so he usually lets me get away with stuff. Like wearing socks that are sorta see through with opaque patterns, it's really funny, since at first he didn't know it was me, he just saw my stockings and he was like, "Hey! Those stockings aren't completely opaque--! Oh never mind, they're opaque." 
It's awesome, so remember~ Get good grades and be nice, and you can get away with more stuff~ Even my teachers don't call it out on me, since everyone else in the class are pure EVIL CHILDREN O_O except for a few other kids. You either have geniuses or little impish devil children who like to peek up all the girls' skirts or just cause plain trouble. My school. x3

Anyways! The reason for the post was because in a week or two I'll be posting a little tutorial or before and after picture of a blouse and maybe one of my skirts... My mom's a bit "meh" about the skirt idea.
But I think the white lace is going to look soooo cute, since the scheme of the uniform is navy, white and tan. If I find some cute navy lace I might dress up one of my sweaters too...
I might wait until I go into the city though, since I'll look for lace there, and if not I'm getting this lace I've been wanting FOREVER~
this one particularly. I love music and theatre and everything, so the second I saw this lace I wanted it so much! I've been in the chorus since elementary school, done all the musicals possible in highschool (plus some outside of school), and my chorus teacher said I'm practically already in the chamber choir! I've also been playing violin for 9years and then I've done piano for a few. I also took some voice lessons, but the teacher was so mean to me, because she said I was too cute and my fashion subculture is stupid because it's not like a star trek one, and that it must mean I only care about myself and that I'm a stuck up snob... She got all this from me saying, "I dress in an alternative fashion called Lolita and blahblahblah explanation, blah...." 
I love Star Trek ; A ; (the oldies, the new ones are stuuuupid, but I have friends who love it and are trying to make me watch it.)

Wow... I'm going to stop here before I tell you my life story... Ha... 

Thursday, September 1, 2011

More on Tokyo Rebel Tea Party!

Haha, short post, but here's a pic of me and my friend from the Tokyo Rebel Tea Party:

I'm the blonde one! ... Bah... is 165cm tall? ; A ; Just wondering... That's the taller of the two measurements taken... When online it usually says I'm either 5'4.9", 5'4.6", or just straight up 5'5"
Is that tall by normal standards? Haha, just wondering.

Either way, I had sooooo much fun and thanks to this blog for letting me use the picture they took, since I have like, NONE. Bah.

Edit: More pictahsss!

This is me when I won my socks :D Yay~ I love socks, I was so happy when I won them.
Me and Claire getting our nom-noms 

 Group shot on the street!

Us waiting for Misako-chan on skype.

(the last 4 pictures are from the Tokyo Rebel website, I take no credit~)

Monday, August 29, 2011

Rawr! I survived the hurricane!

Me, being on the east coast, got hit by the hurricane/tropical storm. I didn't get it too bad, which is good, but my heart goes out to everyone affected.
The only damage was: A few of my trees in backyard had large branches come down, and one tree practically split in half. Which, I've got to admit, is pretty darn cool!
And the worst part being my mom got stuck upstate, and still is ; A ;  she was dropping my sister off at college, my dad came home early since he didn't want me to be alone (love you dad!), but my mom decided to stay 2 extra days so she could be with my sis on her birthday. But the roads are way too bad, and the ones she needs to take to get home are all either flooded or closed. She's staying with her grandma/my great-grandma until she can come back home.

I feel kind of pathetic though x3 one of the first things I did was move all my lolita clothes to my dad's windowless closet. Along with some signed posters, since I was afraid of the glass in the windows breaking and ruining all my stuff ; A ; which also consisted of most of my stuffed animals from my childhood :D

Sigh~ Anyways, I really want to make more loli posts, I'll try my best though~ Even though this is a personal/lolita blog. Since it's seems a tad... Weird to have a separate blog for everything you do... Like, "This blog is for lolita, this one's for my life, this one's for plays and musicals, this one's for /shot"
Oh! And I'll try and get a picture of myself up soon! I just... Really don't know where my dad's camera is... Neither does he, and my camera got eaten by some yogurt at the end of school...
Maybe I should use that as an excuse to get a new one x3 after I buy my BB Cream and Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap. I've heard it's awesome! One of my most favorite lolitas uses it, and she said it works great, so I really want to try it! So I just have to muster up $30 to get most of the cosmetics I want... And I have... $1... It's better than nothing x3 I seriously am hoping for some late birthday mail. I'm going to make my dad take me to the post office tomorrow.
Weeeeellll... I think that's it!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Going back to the city~

Since my time at Kinokuniya was cut short since we left for the city later than we wanted to, my mom is going to take me back! Since I wanted to buy some stuff, but didn't have the time. I plan on getting some Rilakkuma pens, and I even think I saw some mini forks, spoons and knives for lunch! If not, they still have little bento boxes I think would be awesome to pack my lunch in, specially since they're smaller, which will help me loose weight~ All I want is to have my waist in the 60 cm's like 68cm at least. So far I'm at 70cm, but when I eat, I get food babies x.x taking me up to 75cm bah.
This time I WILL bring my camera :3 I'll try and dress in lolita, but it'll be a quick trip to the city, and I don't want to get all dolled up and spend more time in the car than I do in the city, crushing my just recently revived petticoat.

Oh! And since I'm 15 this year, I hope to get a job at the Halloween City by my house :3 since it's an about what? 2 month job, so if I do get it, my mom won't go too crazy. All I really want though, is $20 for some BB cream and the BB Primer stuff, that you put on before BB Cream to make it stay on longer. It would be AWESOME if it came in time for school, since my skin is looking really good, and I think using BB cream will really make my face look nice... So I'd prolly have to borrow $20 from my parents x3 hehe.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Melty Mermaid Princess disappointment... and then some Happiness ◕ ‿ ◕

More of "woe-is-me" post ;A; But I need some serious venting.
So I went to Tokyo Rebel, and -GASP- they had one Melty Mermaid Princess OP left in the exact color I wanted! WIN!
Went to go try it on and...
Waist fitted like a DREAM, got to bust and  ಠ_ಠ what's this? Not... Fitting? 
I was about to cry ಥ_ಥ why you do this to me boobs? I can't wait to lose weight in my boobs OTL
So instead, I got the Friend Usakumya Creamy Quartet Lillian Skirt in blue.

later that day (the 22nd)

Me and my friend Claire went to the Tokyo Rebel Tea Party, where we had a skype session with Misako Aoki! She was so cute! She took time out of a photoshoot for Baby to talk with us! Unfortunately, there were  some technical problems where the building Misako-chan was in didn't have good internet. Not everyone got to ask their question, but Tokyo Rebel will be blogging her answers for us :3
Before all of that though, we all had tea and snacks at the Cha-an Teahouse, super fun and yummy~ A girl who sat across from me, Stephanie, had this BEAUTIFUL Innocent World dress on and she looked gorgeous! (Not to be creeper, but I overhead her talking and I think she's the same age as me, she was so pretty though, I thought she was 16 or 17! Not a year or two younger! But again, not sure if she was joking or serious x3)
We had this delicious strawberry dessert thing, with fresh strawberries and cream, so yummy~ I wish I took a picture of it, but I left my camera at home by accident ^^;
It was really fun walking back to the store too, these two hobos were sitting on the ground and told us we had fat asses ಠ_ಠ ...thanks?
but it was kind of funny x3

All in all, the whole night was super fun! I wish I had pictures ;A; but no...
I'll post some pictures later though of what I was wearing/what my friend wore (she borrowed my Dear Celine dress) and then the amazing free swag, plus the socks I won in a raffle.
And, there was a super special designed just for us by Baby wristcuffs  they are so pretty.
But you will all be left in anticipation as I try and find the camera cord :D

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bah... First post...

Well! I'm jumping on the bandwagon, it's lolita blogging time!
I've always really wanted to start a blog, but I doubt anyone wants to hear about my boring private catholic school days ;A; But now I have something more interesting to talk about~! <3 Yay.
I've just recently started wearing lolita fashion, but I've been admiring it for such a long time. The first time I wore a dress was to Anime Boston, since I felt more comfy wearing it in a con setting for my first time. 
Now I've been to a meet, and own three dresses, two handmade shirts/blouses, and a handmade petticoat (which is suffering much deflation ;A; much. add. more. walmart. tulle.) But oh~ How I've been lusting over a classical puppets' petti~ 
Ummmmm~ I'm gonna be going to the Tokyo Rebel Tea Party thingy :D Yay~