Friday, October 5, 2012

Lolita Trends I Couldn't Get Into : Lolita Blog Carnival

For the Lolita Blog Carnival this week, it's trends we could never get into!
(what's a blog carnival?)
I usually either like, or learn to like certain trends in lolita.  Such as when ankle socks were starting to get popular, I was absolutely against them! Now... Now I love them! I think they are super awesome! But... There's still one trend in classic I just could not, and I think never will, get into. The portraits on dresses, such as:
Shira.C on flickr
I don't know why, but I find it almost... Awkward to wear a portrait on yourself, especially well known ones, ones with Jesus on them (Not because I'm Christian, I'd feel the same if it had Buddha, Mohammad, etc. Because, y'know, Religious figures.), and then the ones I find are the most awkward, the ones where the print/portrait on the skirt is continued on the bodice... It just looks... Weird. Well, to me. I've seen a few people really pull of these dresses, and they look great, but I will probably always think these dresses look funny.
Like this, she looks great! But as soon as I look at the skirt... o_____O Just... Yeah. The way the print gets distorted and then the fact that I recognize it and can only think of it on canvas.

Another one, is ganguro/manba makeup... I just feel it doesn't go with the elegance of lolita, and I've seen a few people try to pull it off, but I personally feel it looks ridiculous (to each his own, but this is my opinion).

I don't really think I need to elaborate much more on it.  I mean, ganguro/manba make up looks good on ganguro/manba gyaru, but not in lolita .___. Well. To me. I'm just happy that it's not really a trend but just something people try every once in a while.

Last but not least... But uh... Gosh, it's hard to think of things I don't like x____X
I guess... Cosplay lolita in general? Haha, I really have no idea. Cosplay "lolita" can be cute, but it can just make me mad when people try to say it's "real lolitaz guiiiize."

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Friday, September 28, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Outfit Under $100 ! ! !

So, I recently joined a Blog Carnival on Facebook, specifically for lolitas! Yay! So, for this week, we had to make a complete lolita outfit... For under $100 ! Now, I decided to challenge myself a bit and look for a nice cheap classic coord.

I know that when you're first beginning, saving up for your first coord can be difficult. You want to get things you can use in other coords, but you want everything to go together nicely as well! Not to mention keeping it cheap! My favorite option for keeping it cheap, is of course, Taobao! They have SO many awesome options, and a lot of times for really cheap, too! So, without further ado, here's what I came up with!

Infanta at 188 元 ( $29)
 A nice, basic blouse, that could work with many outfits! The peter pan collar isn't too big, so it could work with sweet or classic!
HMHM at 180 元 ($28)
 A skirt! Skirts are great for creating a versitile wardrobe! You can pair it with different blouses or cutsews to make different looks! They're also great since you can really dress them up, or keep it casual!

FoxCherry at 22 元 ($3)
 An uber cute hair accessory... For uber cheap!

Bodyline at $13
 Awesome socks! These can be used with virtually ANY outfit your loli brain can think of! White is an awesome starter color since it matches everything!
An * Tai * Na at 168元 ($26)
And last but not least, shoes! I love An*Tai*Na for shoes, since they're cheap and nice quality! If you want to spend a little extra, you can try Secret Shop over at Clobbaonline!

Grand Total:
$99 (w/o shipping)

Not bad! Especially since the components can be used in future coords as well!

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Monday, July 2, 2012

Some 'Gets' From the past months...

So! I just wanted to share some stuff I've gotten the past few months. 

Alice Orchestra Pull-Over:
Bought in store at Tokyo Rebel
Photo From Tokyo Rebel

Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
Usakumya Mini-mini:
Bought in Store at Tokyo Rebel

Photo From BtSSB/Tokyo Rebel

Isn't she cute? I named her Rosie!
She's sitting next to a picture of my first cat, Chloe, who I had when I was very little.

Lace Over Short Umbrella:
Bought in store at Tokyo Rebel
Picture from BtSSB

It looks small, but it's actually pretty big!
It also has the option to make the length go shorter, but I prefer to keep the neck (IDK what to call it ^^; longer.

Atelier Pierrot
Amundsen Princess Long Sleeve Blouse:
Bought online from Tokyo Rebel

Photo From Tokyo Rebel


Wow! Look at those sleeves!

Cute rose buttons!

Cute hair ribbons!

These were on sale for 40 cents! (Together!)

Mini-Lolita Dress

Found this at a thrift store! It's hanging on my closet curtains now~


I decorated these cute picture frames to display some of my post cards.

I'm currently in the middle of using a BtSSB shopping bag to decorate my clock!

Bonus! When I came back from taking pictures of Rosie and my parasol, my dog, Dale, was sitting at my computer!

Uh-oh! I caught him!
Also,  in the background you can see the best hand lotion (Goldbond Daily Moisturizing) ever,
and the best cream soda ever (Virgil's)


"I give up!"

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Revamping my blog!

Haha, sorry I haven't been very active, I had to study hard for finals! I did very well on them, so I'm happy, by the way. So well, in fact, my mother bought me a new dress to celebrate~! I got it off EGL Comm Sales, and I'll show pictures when it comes.
Anyways, I will be revamping my blog! So stay tuned for changes! Also keep an eye out for some crafting and tutorial posts!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Went to I-CON~

Yaaay~ I went to I-CON 2012 on Saturday, and it was really fun C: Although it was mainly a "Shopping Convention" for me, since there weren't many anime panels, AND the Lolita Fashion show didn't run this year (´;ω;`) it was pretty sad, since I really wanted to go, but oh well, at least I got to buy some cool stuff! (Will add pictures of that stuff later m( _ _ )m I'm having some camera difficulties...)
I went with a friend, since he drove me, and just pretty much stuck with him and his little sis, since my mom didn't want me to be by myself, her (paraphrased ^^;) words were: "People go to these 'conventions' to look for little girls by themselves. Don't be a little girl by herself." orz my mommy is so silly. I know one or two creepers may do this, but no one is going to snatch me up when there are literally hundreds of people around... Plus, ( ̄□ ̄;)I may be a bit common sense lacking, but not so much were I would jump into the van of the closest pedobear.
Well (^▽^) without further ado, here are some pictures!

Me and my friend Sean.
My outfit rundown:
Dress, Bag and Head-dress: Fan + Friend
Shoes: An*Tai*Na
Wrist Cuffs: BABY, the Stars Shine Bright
Wig: (._.) I don't remember...

His outfit? (^v^)no idea.

Oh wowowowowowoww! <3 I love all of their cosplays, but my personal favorite it the girl cosplaying 'Daughter of Evil' Rin~! The dress was like, 10x more gorgeous in person!

I saw another Lolita there! (ノ^o^)ノ 
I love the dress Melty Chocolate, she pulled it off nicely

This guy was pretty cool x33

Only two things I can say from these 'Caramell Dancing' pictures my friend's dad took OTL
1) My legs look fat when doing this dance.
2) I need to start actually doing my makeup OTL 

... That reminds me, I need to buy a pair of circle lenses in my natural eye colour... (well one of them at least.) But that's for another time!

I might have one or two pictures to add when I update this post with pictures of my 'swag' (hehe, I love that word.) tomorrow. Swag pictures might be just webcam though OTL The only reason I even have the pictures above is that's all the one's my friend's dad took...

Edit: Here's some of the pictures of my stuff! Sorry they're late D: I was very sick and my headache restricted me from getting onto the computer...
Stickers :D

Pose-able figurines of Mami and Ami from The Idolm@ster.

I wish there were some lolita shops, but alas (;へ:)none.