Friday, November 4, 2011

:| Not pleased.

I have no idea where the world is going to, where commercials can say "bad@ss" or other words. I personally don't mind curse words in television, I'm actually quite annoyed when they bleep out "b*tch" in Criminal Minds, but commercials? They're everywhere, on a lot of channels. Not only that but it was a NUT commercial. Pistachios or something. Keep the curses to shows where there's a rating to warn parents/kids, not commercials where no one's expecting it. Sorry, that was a bit of a rant, but I just think of all the parents who'll be sitting down, watching a movie with their kids, it's halloween time and the parent's like "OKAY. Fine, one old scary movie." They're watching it, yeah, it's scary, but no curses. THEN BAM. COMMERCIAL. BAD @SS. CUE WEIRD SOUNDING BADGER. Parents are like: O: and the kids are like, "WHAT DOES BAD @SS MEAN!?" YEAH...
Anyways~ <3 I've been thinking a lot about gyaru lately~ I really want to try it. Mainly more of a casual hime style, or maybe I'll try what I call "Zhi-Zhi" style, , is her blog. I absolutely love her style~ But in her Q & A... She has no diet plan Q A Q She's just naturally skinny... She is so lucky. But, I'm still trying for my weight loss goal -determined face- since I'm very petite boned (for my height at least), the weight I'm at is healthy for the next 5'5" girl that comes along, but for me it's 'meh'. :| -upset- So basically 'healthy' for me, is 65cm or below for waist. And I have like asdfjkl; no hips, beside from that little remainder of blub that has been mocking me. I wish cardio was easier to do in the winter, but unfortunately, I have to look like a fool in the living room -derp-
But I haven't blogged in a long time o.O I need to do this more often... Maybe I'll post some pictures after I dye my hair <3 I'm really excited, I'm going for an auburn colour, since it's going to really make my green eyes (well, 75% green x3) POP. Y'know? Plus I always hated having 'blonde' hair... It's not really blonde... It's really awkward-sauce blonde. I have strands of light blonde, dark blonde, medium blonde, brown, and then in the light it gets this ginger tint in the winter. It's really awkward starfish.

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