Friday, September 23, 2011

Got my Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream! (+ Reviews! BB and Spicy Goods)

Okaaay~ So I bought some BB Cream online, specifically, Misha M Perfect Cover BB Cream #21 and the Misha M BB Boomer (primer).
The shipping took... Week and a half? Two weeks...? Around that amount of time, I gave my dad the money for them, but he never told me exactly when he ordered them with his paypal, so it's in that time range.
Well, here's some photos :)

Packaging gets a ten! I mean, there was not one hole or crushed corner. Simply amazing~

What a cute note! It's very nice of them to have written it (I loled when I saw my dad's name) I really want to know how to get those little note papers now *.*

Tada! All packaged (And free samples!)

The packaging (Boomer)! I don't know if you can see, but it's wrapped in cute heart plastic <3 I want to resuse it somehow... Maybe I'll use it to wrap a bracelet I'm going to get for my friend (I'm also sewing her a cosplay, but shhh~ Birthday surprise!)

I love the packing for this one too! There's more samples behind it too! I'll show you what it says in the corner...

"To my lover" So cute!

Here are some samples I got that were packed individually... I wonder what it does x3 time to google...

I have no idea why, but blogger keeps rotating this x.x I saved it horizontal... Saved it horizontal again... And it's vertical. It's horizontally challenged. But! These are more samples I got!

The boxes! :D

The bottles!

I got them yesterday, but I didn't want to put it on when I'm not going out and waste it, so I used it today.
Oh. My. Gawsh.
This worked so much better than my daily makeup routine, I'm tempted to throw out my liquid foundation... Haha.
Here's the link to the shop I bought my stuff from: SpicyGoods
Can't wait to buy from there again! Hmm... What should I buy next though? Suggestions?

P.s. My Hat LP from Kawaii Goods is in the mail :D YAY!

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