Friday, February 24, 2012

HMHM, Classical Puppets, An*Tai*Na, and Taobaonow review!

Hello everyone! I just got back from Florida, so I picked up my package and decided to do a little review! I bought a petticoat from Classical Puppets, and a bunch from the Red Riding Hood series that HMHM released!

As for Taobaonow, here's my rating:
Communication: ♥/(5/5)
                                Very good communication! They responded within a day every time!

Shipping: ♥/(4/5)
I think this might be a bit biased, since last time I ordered a package via EMS I got it in 2 days, so I was hoping it would come in 2 or 3 so I could wear my dress in Florida, but it came in 5. (But I also took off 1 heart because it took quite a while to receive the invoice for shipping via paypal.)

Overall: ♥/(5/5)
Everything was good! I will definitely order from Taobaonow again! 



 <-Box! Perfect, no holes, etc.

Everything was wrapped up inside a trash bag inside the box. ------>

My hat! And... What's that with it....?

They sent me a free ring! Probably because I ordered the necklace, HMHM said it was all good, then suddenly didn't have my necklace! But the ring is very pretty! (and adjustable~)

A better picture of the hat. It doesn't look fuzzy on the taobao page, but it's a nice furry-fuzzy beret.

I ordered This petti from classical puppets.

Fwaaah! Poof monster! (see pictures at bottom for how it looks on!)

And tea parties from An*tai*na

Perfect fit! 
But! I later bent down to plug in my laptop, and the back strap thing, holding on the part that wraps around your ankle, broke off! But my dad has some industrial glue I'm gonna use to fix it, and then I'm going to put in a few more stitches for extra hold.

Now onto the coat!

Veeeeeeery nice! it's fully lined, and the faux fur is very soft, not itchy at all!

It also came with this broach. Each piece has a pin at the back so you can arrange it any way you want!

And then, oh-my-goodness, the dress~!

                                                       Packaged very nicely~


The print is amazing! And I forgot to photograph that they had the seems match up! So the print looks flawless! My BABY skirt doesn't even do that! I would compare the feel of the fabric to this skirt I own. I had it custom sized and it fits perfectly.

And then.... What's this?!
When I reached the bottom of the bag the items were shipped in, I found this!

    I don't know if they usually send free bags, but I was very excited! It's uber cute, and matches the items I bought~!
It feels very sturdy! The bow is already fraying a bit, but I don't mind! It was free!
The printing is also very clear C:

My mother then offered to do a little mini-photoshoot to show the complete look!
(all pictures taken with my new Classical Puppets petti!)

Front, side and back.

 I was actually fixing my hair in this pic > . < But my mom took the picture, and it shows off my ring and hat nicely.

And then derp! Behold my derpiest face! 



  1. Which payment method did you use? Western Union or EPCSS?

    1. I used PayPal for my purchase :)

      (Sorry about the late reply ^^; I replied earlier, but for some reason there was no 'reply' option so I just used @Julia. I fixed it, so I deleted that comment and now I'm replying directly.)

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  3. Hello unknown Beauty^^

    I saw you with that dress and awwwww You look great with the coat. I bought the same dress (I've got it three days before)and will show it the next time with my selfmade headdress^^
    Maybe we will be friends?

    Many Greetings from Berlin

    1. Thank you Ida!

      I took a look at your blog, and I saw you with the dress on! You look very stunning :) I can't wait to see the headdress.
      And I do hope that we can be friends O(≧▽≦)O

  4. I love the dress from HMHM *__* I bought it too. One of my dreamdresses *-*

  5. Awesome! I really like what you've purchased. Packaging seems to be thoughtful.

    I would vouch for and they don't charge a service fee if you're in Australia.


Thankies for the comment <3