Friday, September 28, 2012

Lolita Blog Carnival: Lolita Outfit Under $100 ! ! !

So, I recently joined a Blog Carnival on Facebook, specifically for lolitas! Yay! So, for this week, we had to make a complete lolita outfit... For under $100 ! Now, I decided to challenge myself a bit and look for a nice cheap classic coord.

I know that when you're first beginning, saving up for your first coord can be difficult. You want to get things you can use in other coords, but you want everything to go together nicely as well! Not to mention keeping it cheap! My favorite option for keeping it cheap, is of course, Taobao! They have SO many awesome options, and a lot of times for really cheap, too! So, without further ado, here's what I came up with!

Infanta at 188 元 ( $29)
 A nice, basic blouse, that could work with many outfits! The peter pan collar isn't too big, so it could work with sweet or classic!
HMHM at 180 元 ($28)
 A skirt! Skirts are great for creating a versitile wardrobe! You can pair it with different blouses or cutsews to make different looks! They're also great since you can really dress them up, or keep it casual!

FoxCherry at 22 元 ($3)
 An uber cute hair accessory... For uber cheap!

Bodyline at $13
 Awesome socks! These can be used with virtually ANY outfit your loli brain can think of! White is an awesome starter color since it matches everything!
An * Tai * Na at 168元 ($26)
And last but not least, shoes! I love An*Tai*Na for shoes, since they're cheap and nice quality! If you want to spend a little extra, you can try Secret Shop over at Clobbaonline!

Grand Total:
$99 (w/o shipping)

Not bad! Especially since the components can be used in future coords as well!

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  1. Such a cute coordinate! It's so perfectly lolita! I love those round headdresses, and it's amazing that you found one for so cheap.

    1. Thank you! Foxcherry is one of my favorite accessory places, since they have a whole bunch for super cheap! Like I plan on getting 2 flower/bow clip ins and two basic hairbows in white and sax (maybe even pink!) from them in a month or so, and it should only be about $30!


Thankies for the comment <3