Thursday, September 1, 2011

More on Tokyo Rebel Tea Party!

Haha, short post, but here's a pic of me and my friend from the Tokyo Rebel Tea Party:

I'm the blonde one! ... Bah... is 165cm tall? ; A ; Just wondering... That's the taller of the two measurements taken... When online it usually says I'm either 5'4.9", 5'4.6", or just straight up 5'5"
Is that tall by normal standards? Haha, just wondering.

Either way, I had sooooo much fun and thanks to this blog for letting me use the picture they took, since I have like, NONE. Bah.

Edit: More pictahsss!

This is me when I won my socks :D Yay~ I love socks, I was so happy when I won them.
Me and Claire getting our nom-noms 

 Group shot on the street!

Us waiting for Misako-chan on skype.

(the last 4 pictures are from the Tokyo Rebel website, I take no credit~)