Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bah... First post...

Well! I'm jumping on the bandwagon, it's lolita blogging time!
I've always really wanted to start a blog, but I doubt anyone wants to hear about my boring private catholic school days ;A; But now I have something more interesting to talk about~! <3 Yay.
I've just recently started wearing lolita fashion, but I've been admiring it for such a long time. The first time I wore a dress was to Anime Boston, since I felt more comfy wearing it in a con setting for my first time. 
Now I've been to a meet, and own three dresses, two handmade shirts/blouses, and a handmade petticoat (which is suffering much deflation ;A; much. add. more. walmart. tulle.) But oh~ How I've been lusting over a classical puppets' petti~ 
Ummmmm~ I'm gonna be going to the Tokyo Rebel Tea Party thingy :D Yay~

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