Monday, August 29, 2011

Rawr! I survived the hurricane!

Me, being on the east coast, got hit by the hurricane/tropical storm. I didn't get it too bad, which is good, but my heart goes out to everyone affected.
The only damage was: A few of my trees in backyard had large branches come down, and one tree practically split in half. Which, I've got to admit, is pretty darn cool!
And the worst part being my mom got stuck upstate, and still is ; A ;  she was dropping my sister off at college, my dad came home early since he didn't want me to be alone (love you dad!), but my mom decided to stay 2 extra days so she could be with my sis on her birthday. But the roads are way too bad, and the ones she needs to take to get home are all either flooded or closed. She's staying with her grandma/my great-grandma until she can come back home.

I feel kind of pathetic though x3 one of the first things I did was move all my lolita clothes to my dad's windowless closet. Along with some signed posters, since I was afraid of the glass in the windows breaking and ruining all my stuff ; A ; which also consisted of most of my stuffed animals from my childhood :D

Sigh~ Anyways, I really want to make more loli posts, I'll try my best though~ Even though this is a personal/lolita blog. Since it's seems a tad... Weird to have a separate blog for everything you do... Like, "This blog is for lolita, this one's for my life, this one's for plays and musicals, this one's for /shot"
Oh! And I'll try and get a picture of myself up soon! I just... Really don't know where my dad's camera is... Neither does he, and my camera got eaten by some yogurt at the end of school...
Maybe I should use that as an excuse to get a new one x3 after I buy my BB Cream and Likas Papaya Skin Whitening Herbal Soap. I've heard it's awesome! One of my most favorite lolitas uses it, and she said it works great, so I really want to try it! So I just have to muster up $30 to get most of the cosmetics I want... And I have... $1... It's better than nothing x3 I seriously am hoping for some late birthday mail. I'm going to make my dad take me to the post office tomorrow.
Weeeeellll... I think that's it!

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