Friday, August 26, 2011

Going back to the city~

Since my time at Kinokuniya was cut short since we left for the city later than we wanted to, my mom is going to take me back! Since I wanted to buy some stuff, but didn't have the time. I plan on getting some Rilakkuma pens, and I even think I saw some mini forks, spoons and knives for lunch! If not, they still have little bento boxes I think would be awesome to pack my lunch in, specially since they're smaller, which will help me loose weight~ All I want is to have my waist in the 60 cm's like 68cm at least. So far I'm at 70cm, but when I eat, I get food babies x.x taking me up to 75cm bah.
This time I WILL bring my camera :3 I'll try and dress in lolita, but it'll be a quick trip to the city, and I don't want to get all dolled up and spend more time in the car than I do in the city, crushing my just recently revived petticoat.

Oh! And since I'm 15 this year, I hope to get a job at the Halloween City by my house :3 since it's an about what? 2 month job, so if I do get it, my mom won't go too crazy. All I really want though, is $20 for some BB cream and the BB Primer stuff, that you put on before BB Cream to make it stay on longer. It would be AWESOME if it came in time for school, since my skin is looking really good, and I think using BB cream will really make my face look nice... So I'd prolly have to borrow $20 from my parents x3 hehe.

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